We Help You Start Your Catering & event planning business For Yourself But Not By Yourself!

whatever your vision, we can help you create the catering business you have always wanted!

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Our Story
Over the years our staff of experts have helped over one hundred families start their own succesful businesses and we can help you too!  Starting a catering can be a daunting option and even though you might love to cook, are great cordinating events and enjoy people you might be lost when it comes to the in and outs of actually creating and running the business.  That is where we step in.

Catering Creation not only helps you create your signature company and brand equipping you with every tool you will need but our experts walk with you as you grow and expand..  
Business Creation
We create all you will need to run a professional business customized to your vision and style of catering such as website, marketing materials, SEO, payment processing, etc.
Equipment & Training
Customize and send all of the equipment, including tables, chairs, linens, menu creation, etc. and then assign the training mandated by your area including licensing.
Launching and growth
Once your business is created and you are equipped we help you get customers and continue working with you while you grow and expand.
 The Catering & Event Planning Package Comes With The Following...

Tables, chairs & custom linens for 100

Serviceware and Displays 

Hot & Cold Beverage Dispensers & Glassware For 100

Plateware, Cupware, Glassware & Silverware For 100

Custom website and mobile app

Car topper for advertising 

Payment processing & phone lines

Custom uniforms

Catering crate & thermal bags

Marketing materials & advertising

Business SEO & business social media

Menu & brand creation

Fully operational food truck

Help with permits & certificates

Extensive personal training & help 
​as you grow & expand

how to get started
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send us a message.
We aim to reply within 24 hours.
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our experts like to research your area a bit to see what the catering industry is like there.